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There are three responses to any rendition of a design – YES, NO, and WOW!
WOW is the only response we aim for.

About Us

Where It All Began...

Theme Test WP started in 2016, when Founder & CEO Kolahn Garcia, (after working as a Technical Support Engineer for 2 years) saw an opportunity to provide WordPress customers with the opportunity to test WordPress Themes & Plugins before purchasing them. 

In 2017, Theme Test WP saw a complementing opportunity to provide stunning, agency-level WordPress services to a wide range of small/mid-sized businesses internationally and in Jamaica.

Theme Test WP is armed with a 5+ strong team, with a complete arsenal of WordPress experience and expertise ranging from design, coding, server side administration, cybersecurity, SEO to friendly technical customer support.

Theme Test WP has and will continue to align with the dynamic needs of our clients,  partners and ever changing internet landscape. We have been able to implement new services and innovations that we never imagined back in our inception.


We Are A WordPress Empire In The Making

Focused On Innovating Design & Feature Rich Brands Online

About Us


Web development is a holistic process. We consider your content strategy, information architecture, user-pathways and how to market your site to your audience.

About Us


Raise the bar for your customers with an online experience that exceeds their expectations and enhances your ROI. We work with some of the best eCommerce tools in the industry.

About Us


Protecting your investment is a persistent process. We use advanced research and technology to safeguard your site against DDOS, ButeForce and XSS Injection attacks.

About Us


We optimise WordPress to deliver exceptional performance from low/high memory to low/high traffic demanding web applications. We believe in the need for speed.

Hi, Meet Bob...

Bob (guy biting his fingers below) received an email from a random so called Web Development Agency promising him professional web development services at competitive prices.
It’s been 3 months and Bob’s website project is far from complete and he has exhausted thousands of dollars in his project.


If website visitors don’t trust you as a reputable company then they will most likely not do business with you. We have conducted multiple tests to find out what works and what doesn’t when it comes to trust building elements.

This happens when the messaging on your website doesn’t meet the expectations set by your advertising. or falls short in fulfilling the needs of your potential customers. This can result in high bounce rates and a low ROI for a website that is otherwise well designed.

Many times, front-end coders and back-end developers take shortcuts. Things like slow page load time, incompatibility with specific web browsers or mobile devices, and broken pages lead to potential customers leaving your website. That is why we have strict development standards that make our websites compatible, fast, and ready for search engine optimisation.

If you have any questions regarding this service, please feel free to send a message for more information.


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